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Door Components/Parts that require Repair

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Door Components/Parts that require Repair

Door locks, pivots, knobs have consistently been a part of our door issues at home and workplace. Since we are using them every day, they are bound to get damaged because of the day-by-day corrosion. Regardless of how hard your door is eventually, they will all get damage and break-in. This is the place where you need to call for proficient specialists like LS Handyman Singapore.

Door Components/Parts that require Repair

Whether it be your room door or toilet door, they all have numerous Components such as locks, pivots, and handles. After consistent use at some point, you will certainly see some issues. For instance, your door pivot is making odd sounds. There can be numerous sorts of issues for which you might have to employ an expert door repair service. For a trustworthy door repairing service, you can depend on LS Handyman Singapore.

Let’s have a look at some of the chief issues you might see in your door components:

Door Knobs:

Simply like locks even knobs can become defective after consistent use. For instance, it might become slack. S0, in this case, calls for a skilled door knob repair service.

Door Handles

The greatest ordinary issue with door handles is when they begin malfunctioning which is mostly because of a broken-down cylindrical bolt in it. So, if this is the case, call for door handle repair to sort this out..


Over time door locks become old, and they can become the reason for numerous issues. For instance, the key will not get inserted in the lock. No matter what the issue is all you have to do is just replace a door lock.

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Steps To Repair every component of the Door

To start with the repairing work, you have to first recognize the issue. As soon as you know the issue or the door components that need fixing you can continue the work. If it is a minor issue, you can do it on your own. On the other hand, if the task is like door fitting then you have to call for skilled handyman help.

  • The primary step is to take away the component that is making the issue. For instance, if your handles or locks are not functioning or blocked then removing door handles and locksis what you have to go on with.
  • after this mark the place where you have to fix the new handle or lock. Get new components/parts to change the old and damaged ones.
  • Measure off the place of the new door component.
  • Begin making holes where you need to fix the new door component.
  • Now put the door component in the needed place and protect them with bolts

So, call LS Handyman Singapore now at +65 64328460 or send an email at to get assistance with your door-related issues.