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Door Repair Singapore

Wooden Door Repair

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Door Repair & Replacement at LS Handyman Singapore

Wooden Door Repair

Door locks, pivots, knobs have reliably been a part of our door issues at home and office. As we are holding and using doors all the time, they are likely to get hurt due to regular deterioration. Despite how hard your door is sometimes they will get damaged and a break-in. Such a door issue calls for certain consideration. You need to fix it before it gets serious. As a great deal of the locksmith services probably won’t offer pivot or doorknob repairs, a handyman is an ideal individual to require all door repair services. This is where you need to call for capable experts like LS Handyman Singapore. Calling a handyman is especially helpful as their wide and diverse set of expertise can fix various stuff in your home.

Door Knobs:

Simply like locks even knobs can become defective after consistent use. For instance, it might become slack. S0, in this case, calls for a skilled door knob repair service.

Door Handles

The greatest ordinary issue with door handles is when they begin malfunctioning which is mostly because of a broken-down cylindrical bolt in it. So, if this is the case, call for door handle repair to sort this out..


Over time door locks become old, and they can become the reason for numerous issues. For instance, the key will not get inserted in the lock. No matter what the issue is all you have to do is just replace a door lock.

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  • Are your wooden doors in your home or office damaged and need some repairing? Our team of experts can assist to provide you with door repairing services or if needed, they will provide you with new doors of exceptional quality, fix them for you and remove the old ones.
  • LS Handyman Singapore observes the fundamental wellbeing standards and makes sure that your wooden door repair or replacement is of extraordinary quality. Whether you have a damaged wooden door frame or a broken door that cannot be open or shut appropriately, contact us to let our specialists assist you. 

So, if you are searching for a specialist door repairing team or handyman, you can call us at +65 64328460 or email us at to talk to our staff. We will be more than happy to help you.